Wine Cellar

Under the vaulted ceiling of the ancient cellars, entered by a door below the monumental park, the wine, after having been aged in oak barrels and barriques, is refined in bottles, in keeping with the tradition of highest quality handed down from generation to generation.

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The wine cellars occupy the underground level of the Villa, extending beneath the park shaded by ancient trees. The main entrance is a door opening off the road overlooking the park. In the cellars, rooms with barrel-vault and cross-vault ceilings alternate, with floors built of pietra serena or terra-cotta. Retaining the centuries-old ambience and its tradition of highest quality is basic to the philosophy of the estate, which prefers to produce small but excellent quantities. At the Bossi Estate, Bernardo Gondi, adapting tradition to modern wine-making techniques, continues to produce red wine according to the estate’s traditional methods, along with new wine typologies created by his ardent enthusiasm. With the introduction over the last 35 years of allochthonous winestocks, Bernardo has created two Super Toscan wines, a white and a rosé. Through the conservation of some old vineyards, replanted with the estate’s own Colorino and new Sangiovese clones, he has upgraded the quality of Chianti Rufina, now produced in three different types, and has continued to produce a truly exceptional Vin Santo. On the Bossi Estate, the temptation toward new wines has not been carried to excess, but a combination of perfectly cultivated vineyards growing sound, mature grapes, attentive vinification processes under the constant vigilance of man, and the appropriate use of wood results in special, unique products retaining all the flavour of tradition. The red wines, after suitable aging in the numerous oak barrels and barriques, are refined in the bottle. The Bossi Estate produces approximately 800/900 hectoliters of wine, including Chianti Rufina, SuperToscan, Bianco dei Colli dell’Etruria Centrale, Rosato dei Colli della Toscana Centrale, Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina and Grappa. Collaborating with the Estate on these productions is the oenologist Fabrizio Moltard.